BSides Cape Town 2019 Goose Hunter Challenge

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For BSides Cape Town 2017, MTN kindly gave us a set of prizes to give away to the winners of our challenges. For that year the badge team had two physical challenges, both based around 'unbreakable' boxes - one with a custom rf lock and the other with some fairly difficult locks to pick. [...]

Building a Googly-eyed hard-hat for CCCamp 2019

By |2023-07-05T06:35:45+00:0014 September 2019|Badges, CCCamp|

Every four years, the Chaos Computer Club runs the CCCamp. My daughter calls this "Afrikaburn for nerds", which isn't that far from the truth. Several thousand (5000?) hackers went out to a remote camp site in Germany to set up a village, complete with power, high-quality Internet and a mobile phone network. I was [...]

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